Taste Busan: Part 2

Park Jongho ‧ Park Nari
978-89-6545-381-9 13980
November 2016

In this follow-up to the success of the first Taste of Busan, the authors introduce the best restaurants in the city and provide musings on culinary culture.

This book describes the flavors and stories of modern-day Busan. Two leading food columnists travel around Busan in attempts to discover the choicest offerings from a city filled with fantastic restaurants. With their column “Food and Things,” they go beyond simply introducing restaurants by providing musings on culinary culture. 

The most important part about traveling? Tasting the foods that can only be found in that region! There are various cuisines that the city of Busan has become known for via mass media. These include slow-cooked pork stew, Busan wheat noodles, diced fish cakes (sold nationwide in various forms and by many franchise restaurants), as well as tender swellfish soup and Busan’s famous mackerel dishes. But where exactly do you go to find the best? 

This book provides answers to all your questions regarding Busan’s culinary offerings. Along with information on the best of Busan’s soul food, the authors have also packed the book full of tips on the trendiest restaurants offering the latest gimbap, beer, and pastry selections, as well as the most popular cafes. 

If you’re feeling lost as to where to eat in Busan, look no further than this book. It will take you on a journey to the culinary smorgasbord that is Busan. Good food comes in many different styles. As such, this book also pays close attention to the atmosphere, mood, and presentation of the restaurants. Rather than pointing to a restaurant and claiming it to be the best, or ranking the restaurants along a points system, the book leaves the decision up to readers, to choose at will what they prefer, as it has become a popular concept to respect and honor one’s individual tastes. 

The authors provide colorful descriptions on the menu offerings of restaurants, their individual charm, and their atmosphere. Along with descriptive photographs, more practical details such as price, location, address, and contact information are also provided. For any readers planning a trip to Busan, this book will be their ultimate foodie road trip guide.