The Accidental Classical Music Aficionado: My Name is Fermata

Dongwook Shin
110 X 178
978-89-6545-735-0 02670
July 2021

A collection of essays by a classical music aficionado in his twenties.

The author reveals through this book just how obsessed he is with classical music. This book is a guide for anyone unsure what they like to find what that thing is, and what it is really like to be passionate about something. The author’s affection for classical music pops out in all sorts of places like cafés, libraries, even in the alternative service work he does instead of his military service. Classical music enriches his life, and through it the author shows how people can find a slower pace in life, a more variegated daily routine, and a good hobby.

The author is currently studying to be an elementary school teacher. Just like El Sistema in Venezuela helps disadvantaged children find purpose through classical music, he dreams of setting up a Korean version of El Sistema. This book shows how this aspiring teacher uses classical music as a bridge between himself and the children he teaches. He describes watching children fall in love with classical music, which gives him hope for the future of this musical genre.

As classical music’s listener base shrinks, the author is seeking a “mainstream-ification” of classical music. He writes regularly in his blog, and that’s how this book was first discovered. Classical music is thought to be boring and difficult, a special kind of music for the elite. This young listener tries to cut through the prejudice and bring forth good music that has been neglected, showing us that sometimes the oldest and most worn music can at the same time be pleasing and relaxing. Anyone who reads how he came to love classical music is sure to fall in love with it themselves.