Blogger R’s Creator Playbook

Hwang Hongsun
110 X 178
978-89-6545-708-4 02000
February 2021

In this age of one-person content, while the media grows more diverse, ranging from blogs to YouTube, these facts are consistent about creators: they create contents based on their own interests and they communicate with the world through their channels. R, who created his own film blog on Naver in 2003 and has become one of the power bloggers, is a veteran film content creator. Most of the people who operated blogs in the initial stage of web log have quit, but he still sees over 5,000 visitors to his blog per day on average. So far he has enjoyed the cumulative number of 40 million visitors, some 32,000 subscribers, 50,000 or so scrapping records, and over 8,200 postings including private ones. Considering that Blogger R has run his blog for 17 years, it means that he writes at least one posting a day. What drives him to create new content each and every day?


Through the creator R’s own story of how his hobby transforms into his online content, Blogger R’s Creator Playbook aims to illustrate what gives you the strength to continue to do what you like. R started out small and weak, but he has brought about changes even into his own life through blogging. What a moving story it is! Based on his Naver blog, he now runs a YouTube channel of his own about film. In this age of limitless competition when every day sees the rise and fall of new creators, R talks about how to unweariedly create content for a long time to come.


This book does not look at the life of a content creator merely through rose-tinted spectacles. It talks about both the joys and burdens of living as a creator. R says that as a blogger he could contemplate on films from various perspectives and more deeply instead of simply watching them. There were also times when he had to make a hard decision or had to contemplate more deeply once his blog, having attracted more people as time went by, became more than just a pastime. Time and again since graduating college, he has thought about whether to choose between blogging and finding a job and he still does to this day. Once in a while R also becomes skeptical of running the blog, asking himself, “Why should I even do this blog?” There are probably many other creators who run their own channels that share these kinds of worries and dilemmas. Likewise, Blogger R’s Creator Playbook addresses the practical problems that creators face.