Humanities & Society

Five Generations of Mothers and Daughters

Lee Geesook
978-89-6545-310-9 03810
August 2015
*Selected as Youth recommended books by Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea(KPIPA)

100 years of Korean women’s history, recollected by heart

Professor Lee Gisuk, whose 40-year career has focused on the study of family, women, and aging, has written a book on the lives of women spanning the past 100 years of Korea’s modern history. From the author’s maternal grandmother born in 1900 to her granddaughter born in the 2000s, the author recollects her life and those of the women she calls family. Each person’s life is marked by a way of living and conditions of life particular to each generation. The memories recollected in this book, therefore, provide a fascinating glimpse into the everyday minutiae of modern Korean history.

Lee Gisuk she was born in Busan in 1950. She retired from her position as professor of family and elderly welfare at Silla University, and is currently the president of Dying Matters, Korea.

Lee delivers lectures, conducts research related to death, and promotes do not resuscitate documents. She is also an active member of several civic and female activist organizations such as Busan Feminism Education Foundation and Women’s Rights Support Center.

She is the author and co-author of 30 books, including Adult Development and Aging, Death: The Last Dance in Life, and Five Generations of Mothers and Daughters.