I Am a River, The River is Me

Lee Seong-a
978-89-6545-538-7 74800
August 2018

I Am a River, The River is Me tells the story of a friendship between Sol and Eun-gang set at the Yongyudam Pond of Jiri Mountain during the four beautiful seasons in nature. The two encounter different animals and plants as seasons change and learn the way of living in harmony with nature. 

 A guest arrives at the home of Sol who lives by Yongyudam Pond by Jiri Mountain. It is Eun-gang who comes from the city. Sol shows her the spring at the mountain with the blooming flowers that fill up the forest and an approximately four hundred-year-old tree that they nurture. That is how they become friends with each other and nature. They eat potatoes together, catch clear water snails in the river, and share stories of the legends about the mountain. They commune with all the diverse life forms that are abundant at Jiri Mountain. 

The city child, Eun-gang, plays with Sol who is in tune with nature and together they relish the beauty that is all around, like the trees, the wind, and the wild flowers, and she becomes friends with them all. The readers will also have a vivid experience of the four glorious seasons at Jiri Mountain while following the stories of Eun-gang and Sol to discover that all of us live in the bosom of nature.