Ocean Explorers

Kim Lee Sak
152 X 210
978-89-6545-737-4 74810
July 2021

OCEAN EXPLORERS is the sixteenth book in the “Dreaming Falcon” series, created to make reading fun for children. This book features professional knowledge and scientific information on the living things in the ocean—presented in verse form!

In OCEAN EXPLORERS, all sorts of seabirds, crustaceans, fish, and deep-sea dwellers are described using poetic meter. Fully illustrated to aid the imagination, readers will have no trouble taking in the exotic names of each sea creature. The text is also accompanied by explainers, aiding comprehension of the science poems.

The poet-author uses fun expressions to familiarize the reader with the most unfamiliar creatures, and makes the reading experience an enjoyable undersea trip. The book is divided into four sections that creatively describe all sorts of critters. There is a glossary explaining the more difficult scientific nomenclature, and side panels imparting handy bits of extra information. There is also a special section on mudflats, with photos and information pertaining to this valuable type of marine ecology.

Thus using this professional knowledge and information, the book helps readers learn about the world of the ocean in a fun and easy eay.

As the poet-author describes marine ecology in a fun way, they also express their hope for the preservation of the marine environment, as well as their deep affection for it. “People pollute oceans and catch too many fish.” “The living beings of the oceans are being endangered.” Giving voice to the suffering of the ocean, they add that “We must keep our oceans clean so our friends who live in it do not perish.”

OCEAN EXPLORERS, which was written in the spirit of desperation and love for our ocean environment, is the poet’s loving gaze towards our oceans as well as a fun way of learning scientific facts about ocean life.